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Blended programmes available tailored to your organisation

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Leadership development for your rising and established leaders

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NLP Licensed Training

Neurolinguistic Programming applied to business practices 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Far better communication and business results"


Fiona made a deep impression on my organisation.

She allowed members of my team to better understand themselves, each other and our customers resulting in far better communication and business results.

If you want to work with somebody who will challenge your thinking, stretch your boundaries and drive you on towards incredible results then you should get to know Fiona better!”

Chix Shah
Director Synergi Search & Select

" Substantial improvement in productivity "


Training with Fiona has expanded my communication skill with my team.

I have numerous examples of team members who now achieve their desired goals much more effectively There has been a substantial improvement in productivity which I can without doubt attribute to the new style of coaching we have implemented since my eyes were opened during the course!

Never before have I retained so much knowledge from a course.

Julie Alton
Managing Director

"She will deliver the results"


Fiona removes all barriers to success.

Her approach to individual growth is based upon an uncanny ability to assess where to begin - after all we are all different.

I have no doubt that whatever the challenge offered Fiona will work with me to deliver a positive outcome and then she will deliver the results that I didn't realise I needed.

All business leaders need a Fiona!

Paul Crowe
Director of Business Development

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Online NLP Based Training For New Working Practices

Our programmes are designed to accelerate the professional and personal development of your people.

We work with clients to support short and long term development objectives, delivering online workshops to groups of up to 50 people

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Differentiated Corporate Training

We create and deliver customized corporate training as a blend of online training, coaching and in-person workshop.

We tailor our on-demand training curriculum on diverse topics from emotional intelligence to presentation skills with organisation-specific materials.

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Executive Coaching

Our executive and leadership development coaching services leverage our extensive experience working with leaders across the globe in a variety of industries.

These engagements are delivered as a mix of 1:1 sessions and group coaching modes.

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NLP Licensed Training

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has long been an invaluable tool in business.

We offer three key NLP licensed training programmes for your rising leaders:

  • NLP Business Practitioner
  • NLP Business Master Practitioner
  • NLP Business Coach
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About The Professional Growth Company  



We are a team of highly experienced international facilitators, coaches and programme designers passionate about delivering the most advanced leadership and coaching concepts to professionally and personally grow your people to be the best they can be.

We work best with clients who believe in growing and developing their people. In today’s business world, leadership is the responsibility of everyone within an organisation. To achieve this takes a specific mindset that only comes from consistent support from the top. Our programmes are interactive, creative, challenging and enjoyable.


Meet Our Founder

Fiona Campbell

Founder, The Professional Growth Company

Fiona Campbell is NLP Coach Trainer, Communications Expert and Leadership Development Facilitator.

She has been delivering training and business coaching internationally since 2003.
She comes from a background in management and sales working with companies such as Xerox in the UAE and Yellow Pages in the UK.

She has worked with a diverse range of companies in the UK and the Middle East including the NHS, Kempinski and Hilton Hotel Groups, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, JLL, Gemalto, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Nestle, Dubai Word Trade Centre, New York University Abu Dhabi, Khun + Nagel and DP World

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