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The home of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) specifically for Business and Coaching.  

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Elevate your Emotional Intelligence (EI) with our free workbook! Discover ten easy ways to enhance your EI for business and coaching success. Improve self-awareness, communication, and workplace relationships. Download your free copy now for a smarter, calmer, and more successful you!

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We deliver two online programmes a year March for USA/Europe time zones and September for Europe and Asia time zones

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The international online club for NLP Professionals looking to continue developing their NLP skills spicifically for business and coaching

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Fiona has been delivering NLP Professional Growth and Executive Coaching for over 30 years. She helps business owners and professionals develop and grow

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Join us live for this 3 x 3 Hour Module online training to take your communicating and motivating skills to the next level 

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Join us FREE online every week from 19.00 until 19.45 for the NLP Edge: Business Insights and Coaching Excellence. This free weekly event is for business professionals and coaches looking to learn how to use NLP (neuro linguistic programming) for enhancing their communicating, motivating, leading, coaching and influencing skills

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Hello I am Fiona Campbell 

I have been helping business and coaching professionals improve their Communicating, Motivating, Leading, Coaching and Influencing skills for over 30 years. From being the youngest Air Traffic Control Assistant in the UK, the first sales employee for Xerox Emirates in Dubai, qualifying as a  Clinical Hypnotherapist and  Business Performance Coach, through to NLP Trainer and NLP Business Coach Trainer. I have led a varied and highly enjoyable life working internationally.

Having survived three redundancies and crippling debt, it became important for me to take control of my destiny and set up my own business. Since then I have worked with hundreds of companies in the UK and Middle East, and thousands of clients to help them develop world class leading and coaching skills.

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